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you're about to get married in south of France and you're concerned because it's complicated to find a videographer whose work you like and who can communicate in English.

So no, I'm not quite bilingual and I have a strong French accent, but my level of English is sufficient for us to understand each other.

It is very important that we take the time to discuss your wedding day, your wishes and even your relationship. Because it is by getting to know each other that I will be able to truly capture a piece of your story in your wedding film, and create the memory of an exceptional stay that you shared with your loved ones, under the southern sun of France.


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As of today, I think that from a visual point of view, I am not far from what can be qualified as best. And the path that must be followed for my images to improve naturally is not unknown to me.

Now, I would like to intensify my efforts and focus my eye on moments that are not always the most spectacular, but which are real moments of sharing with your loved ones.

We often think that the secret of a good wedding film is to be beautiful from start to finish, accompanied by your favorite music. But when you think about it, it is not the beauty of an image that makes you feel emotions, but rather what it takes you to, what it reminds you of.

A beautiful image that is meaningless and devoid of emotion has only a limited impact on us. But an image, even a technically average one, that lets you dive back into your past, that tells a part of your story, is the one that will make you vibrate.

So finally, what is a good wedding film?

To me, it's a beautiful documentary that transcribes your truth. And it is by incorporating specific elements of your story that you will obtain a truly unique film.

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